Custom Design Capabilities - Megaphase

Custom Design Capabilities

We Can Create The Solutions To Meet The Most Demanding Specs

MegaPhase custom design capability includes the following families of RF signal processing components:

  • Mixers & frequency doublers (double-balanced, triple-balanced, image-reject)
  • I & Q networks (demodulators, PSK & single-sideband modulators)
  • Phase shifters (continuously variable, voltage controlled, linear phase)
  • Filters and multiplexers (combline, interdigital, bandpass, bandstop)
  • Beamformers (modeformers, antenna feed networks)
  • PIN diode attenuators and switches

The MegaPhase Engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in RF component, connector, and cable assembly design using state-of-the-art software tools and test equipment such as:

  • PTC Creo® parametric 3D mechanical design
  • CST Design Studio® linear analysis including FD2D filter synthesis
  • CST Microwave Studio® 3D electromagnetic analysis
  • Sonnet® 3D planar electromagnetic analysis
  • Keysight PNA vector network analyzers through 110 GHz with TDR capability