Connectors Overview - Megaphase

Connectors Overview

Connector Design Services And Prototyping

MegaPhase as an Engineering-focused company utilizing the latest EM simulation and 3D modeling software packages to deliver state-of-the-art microwave connector designs for ultra-high frequencies with precision level performance.  When standard off-the-shelf interconnect do not meet your application requirements, MegaPhase is your partner in cutting-edge solutions.  MegaPhase technical experts have over 20 years of experience designing solutions for the Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunication markets.

Our knowledge base and experience offer products such as Hermetic Connectors, Phase Shifters, high-density PCB connectors, Wire Harnesses per MIL-PRF-38999, Custom Multi-Port Solutions, spring-loaded connectors, Multipaction-Free Vented & Space Grade connector designs, High Power solutions, Ultra-High Temperature connectors (+200°C), IP67 & IP68 compliant designs, custom precision adaptors, 50 Ohm terminations and more.

Hermetic solutions:

  • Hermetic Cable Connectors to meet IP68 in unmated conditions
  • T-Vac rated hermetic adaptors
  • Hermetic panel mounts

Phase Shifter or Phase Trimmer:

  • Design to order in configurations in-series and between-series using 2.92mm, SMA, N and TNC interfaces.
  • Cable connector phase-shifters – eliminate one mating interface and design the optimum cable-entry transition to avoid higher reflection and loss.

Wire Harness per MIL-DTL-38999:

  • Build-to-Print service.
  • Highest quality management.

Custom Multiport Solutions:

  • Designed to meet and exceed your application Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental requirements.
  • High Density design in SMP3, SMPM and SMP.
  • Frequencies up 67 GHz.
  • PCB-to-Multiport & Multiport-to-Multiport cable assembly solutions.

Spring-Loaded Connectors:

  • High density spring-loaded bullets in SMP and SMPM.
  • Spring loaded connector flange.
  • Board-to-Board application where axial misalignment is a challenge.

Multipaction-Free, Vented & Space Grade Connectors:

  • T-Vac and Space flight connector design to meet low outgassing requirements.
  • Venting path and pump rate calculations.
  • Multipaction discharge preventive methods utilized.

High Power Solutions:

  • Thermal, Multipaction and Ionization breakdown performance assessment.
  • Emissivity management.
  • Surface and material choice design for optimum power handling.

Ultra-High Temperature Connectors:

  • +200 °C connector solutions fully captivated to avoid center conductor movement under high temperature.
  • > 200 °C solution upon request.

IP67 & IP68:

  • Designed to meet and exceed requirements.
  • Adaptors and cable connectors available.

Custom Precision Adaptor:

  • Precision Panel mount adaptors – custom mounting patterns
  • Ranging from DC-to-67 GHz.

50 Ohm terminations:

  • Ranging from DC-to-50 GHz.