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April 26, 2017

Application Note: Care and Handling of Cable Assemblies and Connectors

Care and Handling of Cable Assemblies and Connectors. By Bill Pote, CEO/Founder of MegaPhase Cables assemblies are critical to obtaining correct test results and signal integrity […]
April 24, 2012

Oranges in Space?

Not Only Oranges in Space But Also Tested and Space-Proven MegaPhase® GrooveTube® Cables MegaPhase GrooveTube® cables have successfully contributed to the first and only asteroid dust […]
March 9, 2012

MegaPhase, Our Customers and Our Quality Management System

Quality Assurance Our customers often see an increased involvement of top management because of the responsibilities called out in our Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001:2008. […]
February 16, 2012

What is GrooveTube?

GrooveTube® is another name for the MegaPhase super-flexible outer conductor used in many of our cable assemblies including: Warrior, GrooveTube, RF Orange, RF Green, VNA, SuperFlex, […]
January 17, 2012

How To? Properly Mate/De-Mate Cable Assemblies

Interface Alignment Contact Pins and Dielectrics can be damaged if misaligned connectors are mated. Make sure that mating interfaces are parallel and on center during Mate/De-Mate […]
January 13, 2012

How To? Avoid Over-bending in Cable Routing

We have essentially learned thus far that we need to properly care and handle cable interface interconnects, interface cleanliness, interface gauging, and recommended coupling torque. Another […]
January 10, 2012

MegaPhase supports AUSA at the Tobyhanna Chapter

Stroudsburg, PA, Jan.10, 2012- As AUSA members we find it incredibly important to support our local chapters. Today MegaPhase joined NEPA at the Tobyhanna Army Depot for […]
December 20, 2011

How To? Care & Handle Cable Assemblies

Another essential guideline in caring and handling of cable assemblies is preventing incorrect over-torque coupling. Recommended Coupling Torque Incorrect coupling torque can produce inaccurate measurements and […]
December 13, 2011

How To? Care & Handle Cable Assemblies

Now that we have some guided information on Interface cleanliness, let’s continue with Interface Gauging. Did you Know… Incorrect center pin depths can produce inaccurate measurements and […]