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ChipSet Measurement Test Cable


Test Cables for Lightweight DUTs and Fixture Board Testing

- Small diameter 
- Precision connectors 
- Ideal for test of lightweight DUT 
- DC-40 GHz

MegaPhase's CM series cable provides a small diameter solution for test environments including high density fixture boards and other board-launched connections. This low density dielectric cable offers several benefits including flexibility, low insertion loss, and low capacitance for low loss transfer of power.

Maximum Frequency:
CM: 40.0 GHz
50.0 Ω nominal
Propagation Velocity:
CM: 75.0% nominal
Time Delay:
CM: 1.35 ns/ft (4.43 ns/m)
Shielding Effectiveness:
CM: -90.0 dB minimum (cable only)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
CM: 5.0 kV at 60 Hz
Nominal Capacitance:
CM: 26.7 pF/ft (87.6 pF/m)
Finished Outer Diameter:
CM: 0.126 in (0.320 cm)
Static Bend Radius:
CM: 0.6 in (1.524 cm)
Weight with Standard Jacket/Armor:
CM: 0.02 lbs/ft (0.030 kg/m)
Crush Resistance:
Operating Temp. Range:
CM: -67 to 392° F (-55 to 200° C)
Inner Conductor:
CM: Solid Ag-plated Cu
Outer Conductor:
CM: Ag-plated Flat Cu Braid/Polyamide Foil/Ag-plated Round Braid
Standard Finish:
2.4mm Plug
2.4mm Jack
2.4mm NMD Jack
2.4mm NMD Plug
2.4mm Plug Factory Formed RA
2.4mm Jack Factory Formed RA
2.92mm Plug
2.92mm Jack
2.92mm NMD Jack
2.92mm NMD Plug
2.92mm Plug Factory Formed RA
2.92mm Jack Factory Formed RA
3.5mm Plug
3.5mm Jack
3.5mm NMD Jack
3.5mm NMD Plug
3.5mm Plug Factory Formed RA
3.5mm Jack Factory Formed RA
Type N Plug Straight (Hex+Knurl Nut)
Type N Jack Straight
Type N RA Swept Plug
Type N RA Cubed Plug
Type N Plug Factory Formed RA (Hex+Knurl Nut)
Type N Jack Factory Formed RA
SMA Plug Straight
SMA Jack Straight
SMA RT Angle Swept Plug
SMA RT Angle Cubed Plug
SMA Plug Factory Formed RA
SMA Jack Factory Formed RA
TNC Plug Straight (Hex+Knurl Nut)
TNC Jack Straight
TNC RA Swept Plug
TNC Cubed RA Plug
TNC Plug Factory Formed RA (Hex+Knurl Nut)
TNC Jack Factory Formed RA