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GrooveTube® Technology


What is GrooveTube®? 

GrooveTube® is another name for the MegaPhase super-flexible outer conductor used in many of our 50 ohm flexible cable assemblies. This high performance outer conductor is manufactured using the highest quality, pure oxygen-free copper tape. With our custom designed machines, MegaPhase production staff forms this copper tape into flexible copper tubing, or GrooveTube®. 

Electrical Benefits:

  • Repeatable, reliable performance over time because the outer conductor does not fatigue when flexed like traditional braid/foil outer conductors and stiff corrugated copper types.
  • Superior phase and amplitude stability during flexure because the inner conductor stays in the center of the outer conductor - where it belongs. The insured concentricity maintains impedance and low SWR.
  • Low VSWR and Insertion Loss because each connector screws directly on to GrooveTube®, the outer conductor, and then the seam is 100% soldered versus other cable brands terminating to small strands of braid.
  • Higher power handling when GrooveTube® is combined with MegaSpline™ dielectric in Series 3 cable. Heat is easily transferred from the inner conductor to the outer conductor. The GrooveTube® outer conductor corrugations act as a heat sink when cable assembly is unjacketed.

Mechanical Benefits:

  • Smaller bend radii.
  • Built-in crush-resistant armor that withstands over 150 lbs of plane compressive force per inch (66 kg per 2.5 cm).
  • Strong mechanical termination at connectors.